Anna was 19 when she was brought to Switzerland, as a victim of human trafficking. She was forced into prostitution for months. But the worst was still to come: „I was seen as a victim, and no one imagined, that I still had dreams“. Humiliated and lonely, Anna starts a 14-year long fight for her dreams.

What does it mean to be stigmatised as a victim?

Anna in Switzerland undertakes a journey into this courageous woman’s past and present. The journey that once brought Anna to Switzerland, the very same journey than the one of today’s victims of human trafficking. An interior journey into the silent depths of loneliness and powerlessness, illustrated by impressive animated images of  the Swiss artist Hannes Binder (Animation: Daniel Walser, Kowaku). And a journey through some of Switzerland’s most beautiful landscapes; Anna appears here for the second time and tells about her long way back towards normality. The stigma of being a victim gets in through the slightest crack of her life, but a tough battle allows Anna to finally win her back dignity. So that, in the end, she stands on a 4000-meter-high summit and looks at a future, that is entirely hers.